Software Pay IBG

Simplify your pay with PAIE-IBG!

With PAIE-IBG your management of the pay becomes easy!
SYSINFO proposes this application to you which improves management of the pay by simplifying all the stages.
You will have the possibility of managing an unlimited staff as well as the social contributions and tax which are dependent there.
It is a complete service which includes all the needs for a PME/PMI as regards management of pay.
Possibilities offered by the software:
1. Import employees from an Excel file
2. Importing score and monthly variable elements from an Excel file
3. Putting an employee to sleep
4. Staggering a section for all or for some
5. Children’s table with date of birth; which allows to alert when they reach the majority
6. 3 ways of calculating taxes available per employee:
at. Extrapolation over 12 months
b. Extrapolation over the number of months of presence
c. Calculation month-by-month
7. Editing Retirement Provisions and Leave
8. Consolidation of monthly salary processing operations into a single menu
9. Export / Import some (or all) employees to decentralize / centralize payroll
10. In addition to the existing:
11. Multi-company payroll
12. Fully configurable items
13. Possibility to have items composed of other items, which increases the choice of settings
14. Control table to compare the current month’s amounts compared to the previous month
15. Management of loans and advances with installment repayments
16. Calculation of the inverse pay, in real and in simulation
17. Accounting Breakdown with Automatic Dumping of Payroll ODs to SAGE and CIEL.
18. 4 user-definable states
19. Monthly, quarterly and annual editions of tax statements and social institutions
20. Editing the state 1024
21. Simulation on real or fictitious employees
22. Automatic data backup before any major operation
23. Calculation tools:
a. IR and TRIMF from a given gross
b. indemnities, from retirement, from early retirement, dismissal, deceased
24. Automatic determination of the amount of benefits in kind
PAIE-IBG is quasi without maintenance and functions with a minimum of resources.
Test PAIE-IBG and contact us with:
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